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Charcoal on paper
108.5 x 42.5 in
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It is essential in today’s society to see the world and its many layers by embracing change, new people and new places. By keeping ourselves in a state of flux changes on the outside can be reflected as transformations on the inside. My drawings are about a philosophy that describes an in between-ness of consciousness as we interact in space and time.
The figures in my drawings have found themselves caught in a state of mind in which they are experiencing the multiplicity of time as it relates to them. We experience our lives in this fashion. We know we exist and we understand what existence means, but articulating what it is and why it is, can be extremely difficult. Heidegger suggests that since we are individual beings that are aware of and are curious about our existence, we are in a realm of existence called Dasein. Jerold Seigel explains that Dasein is a “form of being [that] is never exhausted by any set of particular conditions, but always ‘stands out’ into some other set of possibilities, so that at any given moment it is at once what it is, what it has been, and what it may yet become. Because Dasein always exists in these three moments at once, it inhabits a special kind of time, not the empty time like the ticks of a clock…but a different and “primordial” temporality that is the unity of all its moments.”
Dasein is not something that is revealed to us automatically if we do not initially accept it. We must look for it, or better yet read the signs and symbols it may leave for us. Dasein has been most readily available to me during breakdowns (or little deaths) and breakthroughs (or little rebirths). A breakdown and breakthrough experience is really a change in perspective. Many times a change in perspective can take place within a single tick of a clock, but feels as though it has happened over a lifetime because it adds another layer to our existence. The way that we should approach a state of Dasein is with a fluidity of thought so that the existence of other surrounding beings can interact with our being; like we are floating in a gelatin that reveals and conceals truths. Heidegger suggests that because humans question their existence, we are superior to other beings and are the only ones who are privileged to experience Dasein. I disagree. I think that society has separated us too much from nature which is where I find Dasein to be most powerful.