A Limited Edition Fine Art Photography Collection

800x600        1024x768
Brown Spot Throated Bird (bird 1)
Digital Photography Series / Archival Watercolor Paper
10 x 8 in
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As a young boy, Everett, instantly became an avid bird lover, when an older, gentlemanly, next door neighbor, Mr. Gendron, gave him a small pocket Audubon Bird Guide as a gift. From that moment on, Everett’s life became filled with the joy and magic of nature—and especially a fondness
and ever growing love of birds—as he explored the woods and cow pastures of Long Lane, Archer’s Hill, Anthony’s Pond and others, in and around his
small home town of Touissett, in Swansea, Massachusetts.

THE WAKE OF THE WINDOW BIRDS was born on a beautiful, sun-filled morning, when Everett’s joy as a first time homeowner looking out from his new dream home and sanctuary in the Hollywood Hills of California was shattered suddenly—as he witnessed an unidentifiable, brown, spot-throated bird (bird 1), crash into one of the very large windows—and perish in the palm of his hand, as he tried to revive it.

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