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acrylic,glass, thread and conte on canvas
82 x 64 x 1.5 in
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Painting is a re-enactment of how I see memory and time. Coming from a childhood of sexual abuse where memories were suppressed - I in effect unconsciously erased a part of my life. This has stirred a fascination of the hidden parts of ourselves and has challenged the concept of the reality and illusions of who we think we are.
If we are an accumulation of our memories, if we cannot remember .. who are we?

Scripting is something I have done since a child, there was a fear of writing real words, so I scribbled and only I knew what they meant. In all my work is a personal inner dialogue, left cryptic in the end- illegible even to me, only the gesture or emotion is left. All the pieces contains stories in them that have been painted over repeatedly, until the original piece does not exist anymore.

The process begins with me creating textures and stains by pouring paint down sometimes heavily or in washes. Using vessels of different sizes I then create script over the piece, covering again with washes and brush work. The process metaphorically re-enacts my experience, the painting over and erasing of a piece and the sanding down and scratching through the layers to expose what is underneath. I work with no preconceived concept, instead working directly in that moment, reacting to what was painted previously.

I try to find a connection between the past and present, and the finished pieces are traces of that activity. Often a surface has finality to it and elicits a visceral response making me think it might be finished. Without a legitimate reason I will often still cover that painting -in effect concealing it again.