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chemistry on copper
36" x 24" in
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Many hours of research and experimentation has allowed me to control and manipulate chemicals in order to create these images, which were rendered without the use of paint, photography or the computer. Chemistry is allowed to assume center stage. While biology and the environment have influenced the subject of these works, it is the chemical interactions that give full expression to the images.

Light hits the copper and cascades into a burst of fiery color and then, just as suddenly, tapers off into cool serenity. Mood and thought change as light and color shift rhapsodically. When the light dims or strikes at certain angles the color becomes saturated, majestic, and even reverential. Shifting light on the copper surface and viewer movement are the kinesthetic forces altering perception, allowing us to discover new and interesting things each time we view the work.

This competition speaks to me directly, not only because I use fire and metal to create my art but also because “Alchemy” was the title of an exhibition accompanying an ‘Art and Science’ symposium at Adelphi University in 2008. I was one of the speakers, along with Julie Arslanoglu, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Dr.Suzanne Lomax, National Gallery of Art and chemist, Dr.Virginia Orna. Accompanying the symposium was an exhibition with artwork by Scottish artist, Dr. Paul Harrison, ceramist and painter, Puneeta Mittal, and myself.