DIG IN is a piece that has evolved over many months. The numerous tiny containers glued into the holes of the canvas are from plastic egg cartons. I felt a real need to recycle this material because the original use of it seemed so wrong and absurd. It had once contained beautiful and healthy organic free range eggs but for some reason were packaged for sale in plastic, non biodegradable containers. That makes no sense to me. Given that at some point these containers would find their way into the landfill somewhere in my local dump somewhere in the Hudson was so counter productive to the whole purpose of producing organic eggs from happy free range chickens. I imagined chickens running around on top of the ground where hidden deep with in its abused soil lay this deep and ugly truth. One hundred or one thousand years from now you will still be able to find this egg carton if you just DIG IN.
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Dig In
Mixed Media
20" x 20" x 1 1/2" in
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My work can be seen this month in The Rhonda Schaller Studio 547 West 27th Street, between 10th and 11th avenue NYC
for the show, "Small Rays Of Hope" Dec.6 - Dec.20th 2007

The play of light seen behind a transparent surface is a theme that runs through all of my work. my imagery centers around the Hudson landscape using layers of paint embedded in resin. Each layer brings you closer to the past, a sort of archeology of brush strokes. Textures and patinas give a dimension of age which evoke the past and speak to the present. The boxes glued in the paintings are meant to make you feel as if you’re digging into history. There are still places along the river with views unchanged from those of the Hudson River School of Art. I like to think that I’m one of many carrying on the tradition, but with my own particular take.