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Breathing your dreamland
mixed media on paper
30 x 30 cm
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There are occasions in which only with a covered face
is possible to show details which remain inside us.
The small fragments Ninaboy reflects, live in one way
or another, in each of us. Isolated instants where the
essence and the concrete, more than a close image,
contain traces, signals, the entrance to memories,
wishes, dreams, nightmares, traumas and longings,
which belong to our intimate collection.

Nostalgia and sweetness, proximity and strangeness,
fragility and hardiness are
mixed with images which are apparently innocent, not
na´ve and with a warm, celebrating and vital behaviour
which transcends irony, in order to reflect freshly
the adolescent sensuality or the childish sparkle of
the adult subconscious. References which include the
most domestic and recent, the media, the scenery, the
catastrophe or the purely magic and oneiric. Meanings
with a simple beauty, a non fruitless visual asepsis
and an essential promulgation, carry us to the popular
imagery from the exorcism of the individual memory.

Alex Brahim