This piece was created for auction at the "Ins and Outs" gallery benefit for Kaleidoscope Youth Center. It represents the pivotal role that art and self-expression have played in my life, beginning at a very young age. My piece "A World Apart," uses a similar combination of subject matter (flowers, child, house, clouds) to paint a very different depiction of the isolation and doubt that plagued much of my early life. This piece presents the safe and nurturing space I was able to create for myself, with the help of an encouraging mentor, that allowed me to freely explore my creativity. In working with the youth who participate in programming at Kaleidoscope, an organization for GLBT teens, I hope to help them find a place of their own as well.
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A Place of My Own
Oil painting
18 x 36 x 1 in
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Paul Richmond is a 27 year old artist whose powerful paintings embody the “ins and outs” of a topic at the forefront of current affairs: sexual orientation. Drawing upon his own experiences as a young man who was raised in a conservative, Midwestern environment and struggled to come to terms with his homosexuality, he explores deeply personal feelings, insecurities, fears and triumphs in this exhibition of new works.

Utilizing a multitude of artistic methodologies, Richmond conveys a personal narrative that indicates issues and unique experiences of the GLBT community as well as self realization and empowerment at large. His sensitivity to visual communication methods allows for harmonious and inviting pieces with apparent underlying themes permitting viewers of all origins to make personal connections. Richmond’s paintings draw on the viewer to recognize the beauty of discovering and developing one’s potential; beckoning for a conversation to that end.

Paul Richmond graduated from Columbus College of Art and Design in 2002. His work as a commercial artist has included the illustration of eight children’s books, concert merchandise, a nationally syndicated comic strip, and a variety of large-scale murals. Richmond came out of the closet shortly after graduating from college, and his fine artwork, which has been exhibited in numerous group and solo exhibitions, was significantly impacted by that life-altering moment. He began using his paintings as a vehicle to explore and understand his own journey and to develop a dialogue with other members of the GLBT community. His hope is that through viewing his body of work, others will be able to locate or understand their own steps in that process of coming out and accept themselves as legitimate members of society.