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7 x 5.5 ft
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As a Korean American, I have always been curious about the hybrid nature of my identity. I was born in the US, went to Korea when I was eight years old, and came back to the US to attend college. I have experienced several incidences of clash between two different cultures associated with where I was born and where I was raised. My dual cultural backgrounds made me interested in where I was from, who I am, and what role I should play in the society I belong to.

I am interested in exploring my identity and my relationships with other people and the society, and incorporating these into my art practice. In particular, I explore other people's judgments upon me. I try to reveal the stereotypes of gender and race by clothing. So I dress myself up in a way to manipulate people's reactions based on these stereotypes. I sometimes try to mimic a punk rocker to offend people in a mall and on other occasions and other times I dress up with designer-brand clothes to gain credibility from people. This is expressed in the performance piece, 'Amongst.' I stand in front of a screen, and the projection changes slowly showing different photographs of myself in various styles of clothing. By "changing" my clothing, I try to reveal stereotypes associated with different styles of clothing.

Most of all, I am interested in exploring the identity of myself and inserting it into my art practice. These interests, my experiences of multiple cultures, the knowledge I acquired throughout my life, and the sentimental desire to reach to others, have motivate me to create art.