I made a space in which people can feel the weakness and honesty of fabric. All the fibers that hung down from the edges of the fabric were enough to awake our senses; tickling our skin.
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silk & cotton fabric
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When your foot grazes something unseen as you innocently walk by, you stop and look down. What is it that just touched you? At that moment, your curiosity is aroused about the little accidental things in your life—the ones that are still a part of your life no matter how insignificant you think they are. I call these moments Yawyou.
In a Korean/English dictionary, Yawyou is defined as composure; placidity; calmness; presence of mind. But to me, Yawyou is a room near my heart where I sit with a quiet spirit that allows me to forget my busy life and appreciate the little things that surround me.
By touching something outside of ourselves, we become more conscious of our bodies. In an unfamiliar environment, which carries no memories or associations, we can maximize our haptic experience. The less information you have about your environment through your senses the slower and more hesitant your movements. Not knowing where you are, and when, where, what, or how you will contact, you move slowly and carefully and your senses become more sensitive. Unexpected contact awakens us and leads us to have a pure encounter having enough time to have better understanding. Otherwise, we will meet but not meet, feel but not feel.