I used my Synesthesia to make this shape.
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Laughter Pod
Toothpicks and Hot Glue
1 x 4 x 1 ft
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I have synesthesia and see sounds as shapes and colors. I use my synesthesia to translate certain sounds that I find intriguing. I also associate numbers with colors and find that numerical relationships define the core of my sculptures. I base the starting pattern of my sculptures on the orbits of the planets and then build up from there using sound.

In creating these sculptures I am trying to convey the idea of macrocosm and microcosm in one breath. When light filters through the forms it creates splintered shadows that suggest the illusion of space and time. As the sculptures turn in the air currents they also give way to the power of the moon-driven tide and the sea-life buffered back and forth along our shores.

Wooden sticks fascinate me and I collect them in all sizes. The pure unmarked wood pigment keeps my palette clean and the only color I use is that of visual notes from a chosen element of sound that Iím referencing for a sculpture.

Iím exploring the Solar System by sculpting orbital footprints encased in sound.