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0il and Acrylic on Canvas
48 x 60 x 2 in
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Using archival imagery and popular culture, I am painting a series entitled “Pinups of History,'' featuring twenty-first century fox actresses from the late 1940s posing as historical icons. My source materials are found archival newspaper clippings featuring various glamourous actresses posing as powerful female historical icons. By translating photographic images from 1940s onto an abstract ground, I am integrating history and it’s relationship to female iconography. Through critical appropriation or painterly strategies, my paintings feature graphic representation of glamourous women placed over an incongruous background. The women in these portraits are powerful, engaging or confronting the viewer with their gaze. There is nothing submissive or weak about these women, they claim their presence within their pictorial and theoretical space. I am interested in the notion of the “male gaze". In the series "Pinups of History” female perspective is employed. Although glamourous and beautiful, these women aren’t posing themselves as objects, they are claiming their power with their sexuality and presence. I purposefully choose to have these figures somewhat undone, the idea of glamour dissipating into allusion. Within my work, I like to allow paint to flow like an accident with careful contemplation. The translucency of the characters within my paintings reflects this tactic.