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Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction
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He built the house and she manufactured the essence.

My father moved into his deceased parents' house after his own divorce, resulting in my new relationship with the possessions of the grandparents I barely got to know.

Walter is the groundwork, the perimeters and shape.
Mary is the flair, the light additions to the barren wood.

Exploring these defined objects of either his or hers, it is natural for the eye to view the objects as simple shapes and colors. The gender categorization applied to each side of the diptych controls the initial viewing but gives attention also to the lack of division.

The titles of the diptychs correspond with books dedicated to object-hood and space. Terms given to describe and categorize take ownership of the object itself, losing direct reference to the visual aspect. The Unnoteworthy Year concentrates on history and who actually decides what should be remembered or erased. Depending on the outcome, answers will be addressed by the survivor.