cut paper collage on board
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1007 Cream Textures
10 x 8 in
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Artist’s Statement—March 2008

I’m a collage artist working in cut paper from glossy magazines glued to board to achieve a lustrous, painterly surface.

My principle interest now is in using colorful magazine images of textiles, with their drape, movement and distribution of light, to form compositions full of readable emotion: awe, excitement, joy, despair, loneliness.

I arrived at this approach through following the Northern Romantic tradition of evoking emotion from a landscape, but creating the landscape fairly abstractly in collage form. Textile images, among the various others I was using at that time, were always the most useful in creating the stormy clouds, violent or calm seas and various tortured vegetal forms. Finally, I cut loose from the landscape idea and took the textile images into complete abstraction.

Earlier, I had experimented with a more Dada style collage in the sense that while the surface of the collage appeared composed, the viewer was put off balance, with literally no place to stand, once he or she started exploring. I used architectural elements as well as textiles to create twists of proportion, illogical angles and apparently unstable surfaces.

I also pursued a period of interest in patterns—interrupting them, making them wander out of their area, working to unify and diversify compositions with these patterns.

Right now, I feel the emotive textile interest will remain strong for some time, but I am always experimenting with new approaches, although I am, at the moment, satisfied with the glossy paper and lustrous surface.--Laurie Joan Aron