Bourbon Street, New Orelans
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Moral Conflict
Digital Photograph
20 x 16 in
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Trying to expose what hides behind my camera....

Kirk Cypel is San-Diego based photographer best known for street captures involving people, music and architecture. Kirk is a Senior Critic for the international photographic website

... my upbringing in New Yorkís Greenwich Village drew me to art and photography. It was an artistic part of the city, home to art shows and galleries. My mother painted and my father, although not an artist, was a craftsman. Several of my fatherís friends and customers were artists including Wolf Kahn, Saul Steinberg, Felix Pasilis, and Michal Abramson. Unlike my mother, sister, and brother, I didnít have the hands of an artist. I am completely useless with a paintbrush and even have trouble writing legibly. Photography drew me in because the camera was a crutch for my clumsy hands. As a teenager, I discovered a thrill in standing over a pan and watching an image emerge from a blank sheet of paper. It hooked me and became a venue for expressing observations of myself, observations of others, and the things that surround our lives. I sometimes feel like an imposter. There are so many gifted individuals in the world and they often produce images that take my breath away. After being lifted by the beauty of another's work it is difficult to avoid the mild melancholy that comes with wishing that I could be as clever. I fight the jealous urge and try to look upon these many talented individuals as my teachers. Through the gift of seeing the world through anotherís eyes, perhaps I can achieve greater clarity through my own.