All my work is about the beauty of creation and luxurious plants or gardens.
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A Tropical Garden
Acrylics on canvas
60 x 40 in
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Flo de Bretagne is an artist from Paris living in Palo Alto.
In her paintings she represents whimsical plants, landscapes or scenes that are very inviting. Her use of colors and light is extraordinary.
Her work is all about fruitfulness and new life. Life that will blossom and give luxurious plants.
Flo has been showing her work both in Europe and California.
She is currently represented by Living with Art in NYC.
Her work was exhibited throughout Europe: France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Germany,Portugal. In Paris she had solo shows at Babylone Gallery, Espace Paul Ricard for Contemporary Art, and Le bihan Gallery. In the US too she has had many shows: a solo show at the Los Gatos Museum in 2008 and various group shows in galleries (David Himmelberger, Saint-Honore, Michael Rosenthal, Studio Seven Fine Arts) .
She was formerly represented by the SFMOMA artists in San Francisco.
In 2004, Flo won First Award at the Contemporary Art Fair of Montrouge (very big Art Fair in France). In 2005, she was one of the ten French artists to represent France at the European Contemporary Art Fair.