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carrot cake house
digital C-print
20" x 30"
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When I first started to take photos of food, I had a more documentary approach, and I became most interested in showing the gluttony, the opulence and luxury that is available to us in terms of food in America. I wanted to both embrace it and critique it. I enjoy it, yet it repulses me. I wanted the food in my photos to look at first delicious, but with a closer look, gross- playing on the fine line between alluring and disgusting,

Then I started to think about why it is that we eat this way, and concluded that it has much to do with advertising. On the glossy pages of magazines and ads we are trained to desire certain things that look a certain way. I decided to play with the advertising aesthetic by inserting pages from magazines as backdrops for my food- in a way placing them into desirable situations in order to tempt the viewer. In this way I question what it is that we are supposed to desire, supposed to want and supposed to have.